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Behavior and Expectations



School and Classroom Behavior


There are three school rules that are consistent among classrooms in the building.  These rules are as follows:


  1. Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself. 
  2. Use appropriate language.
  3. Show respect to ourselves and others, and respect the belongings and space of others. 


For each rule that is not followed, students will receive a check for that day.  These will be kept track of each day and started fresh with each new day. There will be rewards for positive behavior. 




First Infraction:  10 minute recess timeout

Second Infraction: 30 minute silent lunch

Third Infraction:  10 minute recess timeout, 30 minute silent lunch, and parent email, call, or agenda note




Classroom Behavior


Our school follows the PBIS behavior system.  Students receive CATS Tickets for positive behavior.  Each week, we draw three names from each homeroom.  They can select rewards such as comfy chair, homework pass, reading to Kindergarten students, taking a friend to core, and more.




In my classroom, all fifth grade students will be split into 5 different teams.  Throughout the year, students can earn points for their team by following directions, helping others, working hard, staying organized and more.  The points for each team will be displayed on a wall in my room for students to see how they are doing.  Some points may be taken away (at most 5 at a time) for negative behaviors.  At the end of the year, the team with the most points will receive a pizza party.

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