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Merger Feasibility Study

Merger Feasibility Study Information - October 2023 Update

October 12, 2023 Update

Athens-Sayre School District Merger Feasibility Study: Progress Update
As the school year has gotten underway, the merger feasibility study led by Alloy 5 and partner McClure Inc., has pressed forward in earnest. The teams from both entities have successfully completed the on-site assessment of all facilities in both school districts. The purpose of the on-site visits was to visually and physically inspect the condition and capacity of the facilities. This information is now being analyzed and will eventually inform recommendations on space and facility usage for each school board to consider.  Interviews occurred with staff and stakeholders from each district about their respective programming, curriculum, and extra-curricular activities. This information will also be condensed and shared as part of the proposed recommendations by Alloy 5 and its partners.
Both districts are very encouraged by the progress and in depth analysis being made on the merger feasibility study. We do have to recognize that the size and scope of this project is very ambitious and expect that the full and complete study will not be complete until late winter/early spring of 2024, which has been revised from our originally expected completion date, fall 2023.
Remember, the objective of this study is to provide the two school districts with comprehensive data and information that enables an informed decision regarding the merger of our two districts into one NEW school district.  We are committed to ensuring a complete and comprehensive analysis to determine IF it is in the best interest of the students and taxpayers to take this action.
A timeline and frequently asked questions (FAQ) are available on both school district websites. Our teams are dedicated to maintaining transparency throughout this process by consistently keeping the community informed. Expect another update from us in a couple of months. We appreciate your understanding and support as we continue to explore the many possibilities this potential merger could bring.
We encourage everyone to check the FAQ on our respective websites, and feel free to reach out to your district's leadership team with any lingering inquiries or concerns.

Merger Feasibility Study Information - July 2023 Update

July 3rd, 2023 Update

Athens-Sayre School Districts Merger Feasibility Study: Progress Update
The Athens Area School District and Sayre Area School District, in collaboration with Alloy 5 and other partners, are pleased to provide an update on the ongoing feasibility study exploring the potential merger of the two districts. The objective of this study is to determine IF it is in the best interest of the students and taxpayers of our two districts to create one NEW school district.
As part of this comprehensive study, Alloy 5 teams will be conducting on-site assessments of all facilities and interviewing individuals within both districts in the coming months. The insights gained from the assessments and interviews will inform the Board of Directors at both school districts and ensure an informed decision.
We are happy to report that significant progress has been made, and a list along with a timeline is being maintained. Though the dialogue surrounding this study may not be in the public domain, we would like to assure all stakeholders that the study is advancing as planned.
Our tentative goal is to conclude the study and present the findings before a joint meeting of both school boards in mid to late fall. We emphasize that we are not rushing the process and have not placed restrictive deadlines. Our priority is to ensure a thorough and well-considered study, for the benefit of all involved parties. The study does not mean a merger will happen, the information collected will guide the decision making of both school boards on the processing of a possible merger and the possible creation of a new school district.
A timeline and FAQ is posted on both school district websites.  The school districts' leadership teams are committed to keeping the community informed throughout this process. We will be sharing updates as more information becomes available. We appreciate your understanding and support as we continue to explore the possibilities this potential merger may bring

Merger Feasibility Study Information

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