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Threat Assessment

A threat is a communication of intent to harm someone that may be spoken, written, gestured, or expressed in some other form, such as via text messaging, email, or other digital means. An expression of intent to harm someone is considered a threat regardless of whether it is communicated to the intended target(s) and regardless of whether the intended target is aware of the threat. Threats may be implied by behavior that an observer would reasonably regard as threatening, planning, or preparing to commit a violent act. 

Threats that are not easily recognized as harmless (e.g., an obvious joke that worries no one) should be reported to the school administrator or other team members. The administrator or another team member will make a preliminary determination of the seriousness of the threat.  A transient threat means there is no sustained intent to harm and a substantive threat means the intent is present (or not clear) and therefore requires protective action. 
A threat assessment is not a crisis response. If there is indication that violence is imminent (e.g., person has a firearm at school or is on the way to school to attack someone), a crisis response is appropriate. Take immediate action such as calling 911 and follow the school crisis response plan. 

Threat Assessment Team(s)

School Safety Coordinator
Building Principal of affected building
Assistant Principal of affected building
School Counselor of affected building
Nurse/Health Assistant of affected building
Special Services Director
Behavior Intervention Specialist
SRO of affected building
School Psychologist
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