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Harlan Rowe Jr High Science Olympiad Team Competes in Long Island Science Olympiad Invitational (LISO)

This past Saturday the Harlan Rowe Jr High Science Olympiad Team competed in the Long Island Science Olympiad Invitational (LISO) at Kellenberg Memorial High School.  A total of 42 teams were present from New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut. Harlan Rowe placed fourth overall. Congratulations to the following students on their accomplishments!!!  
1st Place:
Anatomy and Physiology - Katyayini Kinthala, Rylee Morrow
Bridge - Andrew DeForest, Celeus Gigee
Rocks and Minerals - Victoria Gao
Roller Coaster - Isaac Roy, Jayden Washington, Gavin Ross
Solar System - Isaac Roy, Victoria Gao
Wheeled Vehicle - Christopher Braley, Grace Hall

2nd Place:
Crime Busters - Grace Hall, Jennavieve Andrus
Dynamic Planet - Celeus Gigee, Victoria Gao
Fast Facts - Katyayini Kinthala, Rylee Morrow
Forestry - Carly Leonard, Celeus Gigee
Green Generation - Andrew DeForest, Grace Hall
Meteorology - Andrew DeForest, Victoria Gao
Road Scholar - Carly Leonard, Isaac Roy

3rd Place:
Bridge - Aryan Gaur, Brian Tang, Katyayini Kinthala
Codebusters - Isaac Roy, Katyayini Kinthala, Victoria Gao
Crave the Wave - Brian Tang, Gavin Ross
Storm the Castle - Lilli Miller, Wilson Kinsman

4th Place:
Bio Process Lab - Aryan Gaur, Brian Tang
Flight - Caroline Johnson, Magnus Wakely

5th Place:
Fast Facts - Jordan Lattimer, Wilson Kinsman
Sounds of Music - Aryan Gaur, Brian Tang

6th Place:
Green Generation - Brian Tang, Wilson Kinsman
Solar System - Jace Olsyn, Lilli Miller

7th Place:
Bio Process Lab - Andrew DeForest, Christopher Braley

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