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Mrs. Brown (School Counselor)

Mrs. Brown (School Counselor for Lynch and SRU)


Our Counseling Program strives to meet the needs of our student in three areas: academic, social/emotional, and career. If your child is struggling with academics or behavior please talk to the teacher or contact me to discuss how we can work together to achieve improvements. I meet with students individually, in small groups, and also provide classroom lessons. (see list below)

There are some great websites for behavior/parenting concerns. One of my favorites is There is a monthly newsletter that you can sign up to receive by email. Boys Town Common Sense Parenting is a great book and resource.

Another great website about ADHD and other issues that interfere with school performance is There are lots of articles to help with a variety of issues that students face.

The Athens School District made an investment in a Career Program for grades 2-12 and maintains a portfolio of what they have completed that moves along with them from one grade to the next. Students can access this program from our main web page by going to  “Student” and then at the bottom of the drop-down menu, click on “Xello Student”. In the elementary grades, this program is a career awareness game that is fun and engaging while introducing different careers. The program is different for middle and high school levels and provides questionnaires and assessments to help students determine their interests as well as career and post secondary options.

Elementary Counseling Services:

Counseling focuses on the unique needs of the student and continues until appropriate to end counseling (approx. 2-8 sessions).

Warm Fuzzies – Friendship skills
Hot Peppers – Anger management
Splits – Divorce support
Good Grief – Bereavement support
Power Up – Assertiveness/Self-esteem

Classroom Presentations:
Bully Proofing
Bus Safety
Cyber Safety                                                                                 
Meeting People / Making Friends
What I Want In A Friend
Discussing Differences
Good Touch / Bad Touch
Discussing Feelings
Handling Anger
Telling Isn’t Tattling
Communication Skills
Problem Solving
Study Skills

Other … Bring up a topic; give me some advance notice, and I will do my best to provide instruction.

Contact Information

Trish Brown
Guidance Counselor

Career Documents

Interest inventory for elementary students to help determine career interests
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