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Language Arts:

8/27-8/31There is no homework for this week.  Students should be reading a book of their choosing at home.

8/30- students should read pgs 1-21 in their maniac magee books due Wednesday, September 5 . There will be a quiz that day on the reading.

9/5- students should read pgs 22- 40 in their Maniac Magee books due Wednesday, September 19.  There will be a quiz on the 19th about the reading.

9/19 Students should start reading pages 41-58 in their Maniac Magee books.  This needs to be done by Wednesday, September 26.  There will be a quiz on those pages on September 26th.

For more practice at home,  students should  be spending time reading a book of their choosing.

9/26 Maniac Magee quiz on pages 41-58.  Also this day there will be a skills quiz on pronouns, using a plot diagram, and figurative language.   We have been working with them regularly in class, plus students can take home their notebooks Tuesday night to help prepare.

10/3 students should have completed pages 59-76 in their Maniac Magee books.  They will have a quiz on those pages on this day.

10/5 students will have a vocabulary quiz on the Maniac Magee words.  These words are in their classroom notebooks.  At home they can use to practice vocab words on quizlet.  Students only need to know the words for chapters 1-21 on that site.

10/10- students should read pages 79-109 by this date in Maniac Magee.  There will be a quiz this day on those pages.

10/17- Students should read pgs 110-148 by this date in Maniac Magee.  There will be a quiz that day on those assigned pages.

10/18 Students will have a skills quiz on comparing and contrasting literature, character traits, nouns, pronouns, proper nouns, and figurative language.  Students will take home their marble notebooks tomorrow (10/16) to help prepare.

10/23- Students will have a skills test on this date.  As of today, Oct. 19th, students have on study island a review for 1st mp ELA test they can use to prepare for the test.  Students without computers are given a paper copy to work on until the time of the test. The answer key with explanations will be provided on Monday, October 18.

10/24 students will have a quiz on pgs 149-184 in the Maniac Magee books.  Students should have those pages read by this date.

10/24- as of today, Maniac Magee is complete.  We will be working on a project in class until next Wednesday.

November 14- students should read chapters 1-8 in Walk Two Moons by this date.  There will be a quiz on this date on those chapters.

November 20- students should have read chapters 9-15 by this date.  A summary needs to be written for each chapter on the provided sticky notes papers.  A quiz on these chapters will be given on this date.

November 28- due chapters 16-22 with a summary of each chapter at the end on sticky notes.  Students were given a whole period to get a lot of this done, so if they used their time wisely, they should not have all 7 chapters to do.

December 5th- chapters 23-29 need to be read and end of each chapter summaries are due by this date.

By December 12th students need to complete chapters 30-37 in their Walk Two Moons book.  A chapter summary needs to be written at the end of each chapter.  Students have sticky notes to write on.

December 10- Skills quiz on text structure, pronouns and antecedents, point of view, and author’s purpose.  Students were encouraged to take home their notebooks to study.  We reviewed in class the last two days.

December 19- Walk Two Moons books need to be completely done by this date along with the chapter summaries for 38-44 on sticky notes at the end of each chapter.  We will be working on projects in class during the week of December 17-21.

January 11- skills quiz: connotation and denotation, figurative language, pronouns, theme.  There is a practice session on study island to prepare.

Due January 16- pages 1- 40 in the book Wonder and book logs

January 17th skills test for the 2nd mp.  Students will choose from a paper copy of the study guide or to work on the computer version with study island.  Study guides will be assigned on January 16th.

Due January 23rd- Read pages 41-80 in Wonder books and do book log #2

January 25- vocab quiz list 1,2,3 for wonder

Due January 30- read pages 82-117 and do book log #3

Homework for 2nd marking period is up on study island.  The title is homework for 2nd marking period only.  Students can work on this for extra practice plus read a book of their choosing.

Due February 7- pages 118-159 in Wonder and book log #4

February 8- skills quiz on inferences, generalizations, theme, and text structure

Due February 10- pages 160-201 in Wonder and book log #5

February 15- quiz on vocab lists 4,5,and 6 for Wonder.  They are up on quizlet.

Due February 20- read pages 202-248 and book log #6

Due February 27- read pages 249-281 in Wonder and do book log #7

Week of March 11- Work on Wonder project in class

Due March 22- Read 1/6 of the assigned book and complete the activity page that goes along with it.  Students have been given time in class to read, but will need to do so at home also.

March 28- 3rd marking period skills test.  We are reviewing in class starting Tuesday.

March 29- 2nd section of their WW2 books and book assignment due this day.

Due April 5th- 3rd section of their WW2 books plus book assignment.



Social Studies-

quiz on Thursday 8/30

Students should be practicing introductory words in their binders and quizlet

8/28 Students will be receiving and filling out a graphic organizer today to also use to prepare for the quiz.

8/30  students will have a map quiz Thursday on the continents and oceans. They will be given maps Tuesday in their binders but have been told they can start studying now.

9/18 Students have a set of notes attached to the guided reading sheets in their binders for lesson 1.  Students should study notes and vocabulary for a quiz on Thursday, September 20th.

9/28 students will have a quiz this day on lesson 2 notes and vocab words.  They have a packet in their binders.

10/3 Students will take a test on chapter 1 – lesson 1 and lesson 2 materials.  Students have the notes and vocab in their binders.  We will be working on a study guide today (9/28) and Monday (10/1) that students can also use to study for the test.

10/17- Students will have a social studies quiz on Chapter 2 lessons 1 and 2 combined.  Students have vocab words and notes for both lesson in their binders.

10/26 Chapter 2 test.  By this date, students will have 3 sets of notes and vocab words for chapter 2 plus a completed study guide.  As of today, October 19th, students can continue studying lesson 1 and 2 notes and vocab words

November 7- Students will have their new set of vocab words for chapter 3 lesson 1 and notes to prepare for the quiz.

November 14- students will have a quiz on chapter 3 lesson 1 notes and vocab words.

No quizzes or tests the short week of November 19th-21

December 3- quiz on chapter 3 lesson 2 culture.  Students have a words and notes packet in their binders.  Words are also up on quizlet.

December 12- quiz on chapter 3 lesson 3.  Students have words and notes in their binders.

December 14th- Chapter 3 test.  Students have 3 sets of notes and words in their binders to study from.  On December 13th they will have a completed study guide to also use.

December 17-21 There will be no tests,quizzes, or homework this week for social studies.

January 8- Vocab quiz on Northeastern USA words on quizlet and in their binders.

January 9- quiz on the map and northeast region of the USA.  Students have maps in their binders and will have notes prior to the quiz in their binders.

January 14- Southeast USA vocab quiz

January 16- Southeast map and reading quiz

January 17- students will have a completed study guide by this date.  Students have notes, maps, and vocab words in their binders if they want to study before this date.

January 18- Eastern USA test

January 22- students have vocab and map for the Midwest to start studying tonight

January 24- vocab quiz on the midwest words in binder and on quizlet

January 25- map and reading quiz on the midwest

February 1-February 6 we will be working on a project for the Midwest region in class.

February 7- Today was the last day to work on Midwest bloom ball projects.  If there is not a grade in powerschool, then the project needs to be completed at home.

February 14- quiz on Southwest vocab found in binders and on quizlet

February 19- quiz on Southwest plus map.  Notes and maps are in their binders.

February 22- West vocab quiz.  Words are on quizlet and also in their binders.

February 25- West region quiz with map

February 27- test on the West and Southwest region.  Students have notes, vocab words, and maps.  On February 26th they will also have a completed study guide in their binders.

March 13- Lesson 1 quiz on Mexico and Central America.  Students will have notes in their binders plus vocab words and maps

March 21- Quiz on Lesson 2 and 3 Mexico and Central America plus map.  Students have notes in their binders.  A study guide will be completed after the quiz for the test tomorrow.

March 22- Test on lessons 1, 2, and 3 Mexico and Central America.

April 1- Lesson 1 quiz plus vocab for Andes/Midlatitude South America.  Students have notes and vocab lists in their binders.

April 4- Lesson 3 quiz plus map for Andes/Midlatitude South America.  Students will have notes and maps in their binders.

April 5- Test on Andes/Midlatitude South America. Students will have notes and a study guide in their binders.










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