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Athens Area School District

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District Safety Committee

Minutes from 1/24/19 meeting

  1. Meeting started at 3:29 pm
  2. Members present were: Jeff Schrader, Jason Chandler, Ron Fritz, Matt Waite

 Lynda Harkness, Phil Williams, Laura Perry and Clint Nichols.

  1. Jeff asked the group who still needed to complete the webinar for annual training.

Lynda will forward the link again to who needs to complete it yet.

  1. Shared the CM Regent loss run report dated 1/1/19 and went over the accident claims that have been made.
  2. The Maintenance Department completed a safety checklist on 1/2/19 at the maintenance shop. One recommendation for a GFCI receptacle still needs to be completed.
  3. Went around table to see if anyone had any concerns or questions.
  4. Set next meeting date for Thursday, 2/21/19 at 3:30 at the Admin Building conference room.
  5. Meeting adjourned at 3:49 pm
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