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There have been many questions concerning ACT80-days, remaining student days and Senior Graduation. This will attempt to address all of them:

The state of Pennsylvania requires that students in elementary and high school attend 180 days of instruction each school year. Act 80 serves an exception to this rule to ensure that teachers are able to provide high-quality instruction to these students. Faculty can utilize this time to prepare instruction and students are not required to attend, however is is still counted as a student day. The Athens Area School District had three ACT 80 days on August 20th, October 12th and April 7th. Due to the Faculty work-stoppage the Pennsylvania Department of Education has rescinded this benefit to the Faculty and are requiring them to provide the full 180 days of instruction to the students. Students are NOT attending any extra school days, but they are being required to attend the full 180 days by the PDE.

In the case of the senior class: If the AAEA had chosen to utilize the entire time allowed to them for their work-stoppage, PDE would have offered us a waiver to allow seniors to complete a set number of hours of instruction to finish their school year. However, since only three days were utilized for their work-stoppage PDE is requiring the AASD to makeup the lost DAYS of instruction instead. This means that in order to meet PDE’s requirement for seniors we need to offer six days for students to attend school to provide them with the required 180 days. One of these days is being filled in by the “snow makeup day” on May 13th. The second day was already made up during the strike when the seniors came in for the meeting to discuss alternate plans and the third day will be made up on June 3rd. The remaining three days for seniors will need to occur on Saturdays between now and June 3rd to allow them to graduate by that date.

For all other students the 6 days to make up (3-strike days and 3-ACT 80 days) will be made up on May 13th, June 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th.

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