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Harlan Rowe PTG (Parent Teacher Group)

Harlan Rowe PTG (Parent Teacher Group)

This is the newest addition of the Rowe PTG for 2019-2020. Any parent, grandparent or guardian are welcome at any of our meetings. We love new and fresh ideas to help our children have fun while learning.

Rowe PTG Meeting Minutes 2016-2017

Harlan Rowe PTG Minutes

September 8, 2016
 Attendance: Jenn Hatch, Melissa Witherow, Carrie Smith, Dea Hovan, Peter Henning, Leslie Stethers, Liz Rowe, Sarah Deforest, Pat Reid, Shirley Blackman, Gabrielle Briar

Treasurer Report: Shirley Blackman
·         In account as of 9/8/16 there is $524.00
·         New school year so nothing has been purchased as of yet.

Tentative Rowe Activity Schedule: Mr. Henning
·         August 18 – Back to School Night & Orientation 5:30-7:30
·         September 9, 2016 – Back to School Dance – 3-5:00P – Yearbook Committee
·         October 10, 2017 – Dodgeball  - 8:45A-10:45A
·         October 28, 2016 – School Dance – 3:00-5:00P
·         December 9, 2016 – Winter Dance (Not formal) 6:00-8:00P
·         January 20, 2017 – Activity Night – 3:00-5:00P
·         February 10, 2017 – Student Dance – 3:00-5:00P
·         April 11, 2017 – Egg Drop Challenge – 2:00P-2:45P
·         April 21, 2017 – 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament – 3:00-5:00P
·         May 11, 2017 – Spring Jamboree – 3:00-5:00P
·         June 1, 2017 – 8th grade Graduation – 5:30-7:30P – PTG
·         June 1, 2017 – 8th grade Dance – 7:00-9:00P – PTG

New Business of the Year: Jenn Hatch
·         Fundraisers: Leslie Stethers (teacher, 6th & 8th grade class advisor)
·         Leslie would like to start a few fundraising activities this upcoming school year.  She discussed doing an 8th grade Gertrude Hawke candy sale at Christmas time.  The profit for this will fundraiser will be 40% profit.
·         Discussion was had on selling Krispy Kreme Donuts schoolwide & the profit for this fundraiser will be $2.50-$4.00 a box depending on flavor.
·         Leslie would also like to start collecting used printer ink cartridges to recycle for money.  She will look into more information on this program & present at a later date.  Profit could be $2-$5.00 each cartridge.
·         Other Fundraiser ideas mentioned were Escripts (the gift card program), Amazon Smile, & the Tops Bonus Card. With Tops, you have to re-register every school year.  Families can sign up their cards, their grandparents, aunts, uncles, babysitters, just be registering & selecting Athens Area Schools, Harlan Rowe Middle School

Harlan Rowe T-shirts
·         An order will be placed on September 16 for Athens T-shirts & sweatshirts.  They are partnering up with the Lynch PTG on this order.  Delivery will be back in time for this year’s Homecoming.   Make checks payable to Harlan Rowe Middle School.
·         There will be another apparel fundraiser towards Christmas time.  More information to come out in November.

Box Tops – Shirley Blakeman
·         This year the PTG & Rowe are going to push more in collecting the box tops.  Our school receives $.10 for each box top collected & will be collected 3 times this school year, with the first one being done by November 1st.
·         Make sure that the box tops ARE TRIMMED!!!
·         There will be rewards & prizes to the top classroom box top collectors.
·         Shirley will be our point person for this project. Thank you Shirley!!!
·        Note: 1st collection date must be posted marked by 11/1/16. Box Tops have to be packed & ready to mail by 10/30/16.

School Information
·         Mr. Henning will be using the new Remind program this year to announce to parents upcoming events.  Along with Remind, you can find information on Facebook under the Rowe PTG page, the Athens area school district website under Harlan Rowe Middle School and PTG.
·         Jenn is using signupgenius to ask for parental volunteers for events such as dances.

PTG Officers
·         This year’s 2016-2017 Rowe’s PTG Officers are:
o   President – Jenn Hatch
o   Vice-President – Carrie Smith
o   Secretary – Dea Hovan
o   Treasurer – Shirley Blakeman

·         Dea will contact Mr. Nichols, Athens IT Administrator to get access to the Rowe PTG page to post events & minutes to it per Mr. Henning.

Rowe PTG meetings will be held on the 1st Thursday of every month, unless announced.
Next meeting is March 2, 2017 at 6:00P in the Rowe Library.
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